Mantle Technology to Integrate DigitalBits Blockchain

Mantle Technology integrates the DigitalBits blockchain and joins the XDB Foundation’s collaborative program. Mantle works between enterprise functions and blockchain protocols, where companies can easily deploy and take advantage of the blockchain benefits of proof of their ideas and choices, without the need to study or handle the blockchain infrastructure.

DigitalBits is a protocol layer blockchain community designed to support branded currencies as well as secure client digital assets.

This integration will allow enterprise builders to access the DigitalBits blockchain through a robust set of SaaS APIs, enabling them to deploy blockchain-based alternatives without the associated complications. The similar integration of these empowered enterprises with plug and play blockchain alternatives lowers entry barriers, and appears to be a catalyst for blockchain adoption.

Mantle allows enterprises to make the most of current public or individual blockchain applied science, acting as a bridge between enterprise functions and the blockchain infrastructure.

Mantle’s platform will allow for out-of-the-field expertise for large enterprises. It may also include entry into multiple business classes, additional mitigating complications and ready-made functions that support time to market. Mantles can also be nodes working on the DigitalBits community, contributing to total community security.

“I am very excited to see Mantle become part of the DigitalBits ecosystem,” said Michael Gord, Managing Director of XDB Basis. “Our imaginative and presenter take on the XDB Basis has primarily been driven by the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

Options similar to Mantle allow enterprises to start using blockchain out of the gate – and those enterprise functions Customers of U.S. may also get hyped, they just can’t understand it. Mantle offers yet another highly effective answer to our ecosystem that allows customers to benefit from unparalleled security, infrastructure, and certain efficiencies related to blockchain without understanding any of the information or creating an entire blockchain division.”

“Our current and future enterprise prospects will improve and benefit from the imaginative and presentation that the broader XDB Group is bringing to the desk. With the ability to work hand-in-hand with infrastructure, we will be able to drive all enterprises into a complete digital transformation. on quick oversight to deliver solid enterprise benefits,” said Mantle CEO Pascal LeBlanc. “Additionally, it is thrilling to see the standard of crew driving the challenge. I am confident that XDB will make its mark in this later era of decentralized infrastructure.

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Mantle is a Canadian enterprise with a fully fledged SaaS platform that is uniquely positioned to respond to the enterprise’s needs for modern security options. The platform is plug and play for any existing enterprise IT system and leverages proprietary improvements in blockchain and distributed knowledge storage applied science. Usually the possibilities remain and onboard without the costs and complications associated with blockchain improvements and the benefits of blockchain at the moment.

About Digital Bits

DigitalBits Undertaking is an open-source challenge that developed the DigitalBits blockchain protocol and a secure, low-cost global transaction community and tools. This blockchain protocol and community layer client supports many usage situations including digital assets, especially branded cryptocurrencies, as well as branded stablecoins.

About XDB Aadhaar

XDB Basis is a non-profit group focused on helping DigitalBits and associated applied sciences. The main goals of the XDB Basis include: innovation and adoption of the DigitalBits blockchain and custodian expertise and the company’s social accountability initiatives, shaping industrial needs and increasing requests for technological expansion through engaging the DigitalBits Group in cryptocurrencies. supporting use. of different regions; offering accountability and sustainability practices; and facilitate partnerships and ecosystem improvements.

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