Intezer Named Best Threat Detection Technology in SC Awards 2023

Cybersecurity firm Integer has been recognized as the Greatest Menace Detection Technology for its progressive code DNA mapping method at the 2021 SC Awards. The announcement was made online on Monday, May 3, 2021, as part of SC Media’s 2021 SC Awards Preservation.

Itai Tevet, CEO and co-founder of Integer, said, “New security applied science seeks to keep up with emerging threats.” “Having been recognized as the most effective threat detection technology, the answer we have now built to help security groups have good validation for and respond to attacks within the cloud.”

Most security programs currently detect threats by machine study and AI, often by giving signatures or indicators of earlier cyber attacks as a way to detect them within the community, or by warning on suspicious conduct patterns. These detection methods may still be effective but the dangers are increasing.

For example, will not detect signature variants unless you have the exact hash. And anomaly detection will avoid hazards that are not behaved suspiciously by design. This technique also generates many unmistakable and false positive alerts.

Integer takes a unique method, detecting any threat forms seen in history, even detecting small amounts of malicious code reuse. This innovation is confirmed to be very efficient for detecting threats in the Linux environment. For perspective, Linux powers 90% of all cloud infrastructure.

“As more companies operate on the cloud, the panorama of danger is changing,” Tevet said. “Linux threats are eschewing traditional detection merchandise that was built to secure home Windows endpoints.”

Integer Protect is Integer’s runtime security product for Linux and cloud servers. The platform continuously displays a cloud stack for each code and utility used. With a lot of code operating in cloud programs, from third social gathering libraries to proprietary software programs, Integer provides customers with full runtime visibility and real-time detection of any unauthorized or malicious code execution. Integer offers a free version where security groups can defend their Linux VMs, containers and Kubernetes against the latest threats at runtime.

“Many cloud security options focus on hardening and lowering the attack floor, but you also need to detect the exact breaches,” Tevet said. “It’s almost never shutting down attack vectors. If an attacker exploits an unknown vulnerability or a supply chain backdoor then you should detect it.”

Like regular programmers, cybercriminals reuse already written code to deploy their tools as quickly as possible. From the defender aspect, as soon as the code is listed, it becomes quite difficult for attackers to attack without being detected sooner or later.

Integer was the primary firm to attribute WannaCry to North Korea and has emerged as a frontrunner in researching the latest Linux cloud threats. The latest examples of threats already detected by Integer include Kaiji, RedXOR and HabitsRAT.

Now in its twenty-fifth year, the 2021 SC Awards were perhaps the most aggressive, but with a reported 579 entries. The winners were selected by an elite group of core IT security professionals from the readers of SC Media. Entrants were narrowed down to a select group of finalists before the current process of a rigorous balance judging process to determine the winner of each class.

Integer. About this

Integer has created the world’s first cyber immune system against malicious code. Detects any threatening mutations seen in corporate history, recognizing even small amounts of code reuse. This information helps security groups protect their cloud workloads and speed up incident response. For more information, visit or follow the company on Twitter at @IntezerLabs where they continually publish about the latest threats.

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